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Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries International is an apostolic ministry, working in several nations of the earth. An apostolic ministry is a group of individual fivefold ministers who relate to someone who stands in the apostolic grace. Unlike the denominational system, where someone can be part of an organization which knows nothing about them, their family or their ministry, an apostolic ministry functions as a family. 

The apostle stands as the father of the family, and the members of the ministry relate to him as sons and daughters. In a good, functional apostolic ministry, the apostle will have a genuine interest in and concern for those who are part of the network and will encourage them also to relate to each other as brothers and sisters, to encourage and pray for each other, and where possible to join together in the equipping of the church and the building of the kingdom.

A sincere apostolic father seeks to establish the sons to function well in biblical order in their own homes, thus empowering them to become spiritual fathers in their own homes first and then in the church.

Apostolic Grace
“Let my people go” Moses spoke to Pharaoh to release the Israelites - This apostolic impartation empowered their release .Today apostolic grace empowers the people of God to come out of religious bondages and to take up bold new positions in the spirit and through the process divine order is being accomplished.

Within the apostolic grace are invested by the power of the Holy Spirit, faith, love, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, courage, leadership ability and prophetic discernment. 2 John 1:3 is a foundational scripture that embraces these truths.

“Grace (unmerited favor and supernatural ability) be with you (firmly attached as one) mercy (active compassion) and peace (shalom, well-being in all realms of living) from God the Father (apostolic authority) and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the Father (correct and accurate reproduction and authority level) in truth (total absence of falsity) and love (agape, God’s love, sacrificial and selfless - the heart of martyrdom.)”

The Vision

We believe that the end-time church will be the visible manifestation of the King on the earth, fully and truthfully representing Him in holiness and righteousness, in love and compassion, in power and authority, in mercy and grace and declaring His glory not just in words but by its very existence, thus preparing the way for the personal return of Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords. To this extend we give ourselves as bondservants of Christ to see His church established and His kingdom restored.

The Mission

  1. BulletTo declare Jesus Christ as the King of Glory.

  2. BulletTo call and equip God's people to glorify Him with their lives.

  3. BulletTo establish prayer, praise and worship as a central focus for the Body of Christ. 

  4. BulletTo call and equip God's people to rise up in the authority of the King through kingdom living.

  5. BulletTo establish an international network of like-minded fivefold ministries to fulfill this task.

  6. BulletTo raise, train and equip an international army of intercessors to bring the vision to reality.

  7. BulletTo take this Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the entire earth as grace is released.

The Purpose

KINGDOM. To see the Kingdom of God established on earth, with His people becoming the manifestation of the King in preparation for His personal return.

APOSTOLIC. To function fully as an apostolic people under the five-fold ministry according to the New Testament pattern.

CHRISTLIKENESS. To develop personally and corporately the character of Christ, expressed in holiness and righteousness, in love and compassion, in power and authority and in mercy and grace.

WORSHIP. To make worship a central priority both personally and corporately, and to call and equip the Body of Christ to do likewise.

INTERCESSION. To recognise and establish intercession as an essential ministry which must undergird every aspect of the work.

MISSION. To take this message to the furthest corners of the world, and to offer practical help, support and encouragement to those working in the various fields of the kingdom.

COMMUNITY. To grow as a covenant people of God, fully committed to Him and to each other.

UNITY. To do everything within our power to promote true Biblical unity within the Body of Christ.

INCLUSIVENESS. To operate across the boundaries of denomination, race, nationality, socio-economic standing and gender.

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