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Why train Christian Leaders? 

Our country is  desperate for leaders who can make a difference in Industry, Business, Government, and in the Church. The key to success it to rest on the shoulder of its leaders. Everything stands or falls as a result of leadership.

More than ever, we need Godly leaders to take their call and make an impactful difference. There are two places or positions where leaders are desperately needed. You may be surprised by my perspective. I list them in my priority.

  1. 1.The Family--

  2. Recent studies indicate that 70% of marriage partners came from broken homes. Single parent family systems (usually the mother) is becoming the norm. the effects of the absent father, whether due to divorce, death or social withdrawal, is being felt now more than ever.  The breakdown of moral values and Biblical absolutes leave mother and child without boundaries to respond safely to. The need for leadership, in proper Biblical order (Ephesion 5; 1 Peter 3) is needed, and must become a priority of the Church and nation if this country is to survive.

  3. 2.The Church--

  4. Gilbert Cann, in his book, Liberating Leadership, page 39 states, learned that God places in the hearts, minds and wills of young believers a strong desire for direction, counsel, help, discernment, support and encouragement of older Christians" (Cann, G.   1989).  This is especially seen in the inner city.   With the absence of leadership in the home, children look to other places for role identification and self-image establishment. How tragic for so many that the models available are seen on T.V or the silver screen, or worse yet, in the drug pusher, prostitue or young leader on the block. The church, which should be a haven or rest, a hospital for the hurting, a home for the wayward, is perceived as a cold, heartless institution more interested in your dress, your clichés and your offerings than the condition of the soul. This perception is profound and perpetuated by the media and the church itself.

The Apostle Paul wrote to Titus (Titus 2) to encourage the older men and older women in the faith to care for the younger. The call of every elder is to “Lead and Feed” the sheep (St. John 21). When the church remembers its central focus of establishment of the Kingdom of God as experessed in righteousness (right moral relations with God, self and/or another) peace (tranquility and rest in God) and joy (happiness and contement with purpose) through its leaders, transformation of society will begin.

Certainly we need leadership in other areas. We need educations, business executives, politicians, etc. to fulfill Godly expectations for the administration of justice, mercy and humility.  If the home and church are functioning as God intended, the leaders so desperately needed in other fields would emerge.

It is my belief that leaders are developed in the crucible of relationships; as is Biblical character formed in faithful men and women.  The character of man is much more important than the charisma and when both are found in proper measure, and sprinkled with a large measure of knowledge, understanding, wisdom and the Spirit of God, dynamic leaders are produced. Leadership ultimately begins with God and will end with God, and is in His hands at all points in between.  God has chosen to work with men (Immanuel, God with us) to fulfill this glorious purposes. He chooses leaders, and intends sucdess for each one.

Leadership is not the private practice of selected charismatic men or women in leadership positions; it is also the activity of ordinary men and women when they act upon the latent potential to lead with them.

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