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Why do we need All Nations Leadership Academy?

The church emphasis age is giving way to the kingdom emphasis age. A bright new day is dawning, a day in which the believer is looking to God to rule in the fullness of life. It has always been God’s desire and plan to fill mankind with His presence, and thereby fill the earth with His truth and His way. The reality of God’s provision of wisdom and power is arising in this day to govern the earth, to do business, to bring order to families and all life.

The church is changing from reclusion to reclamation, from a defensive to an offensive posture. In the church emphasis age, which is now fading away, the church, for the most part, isolated itself within the church walls. A mentality developed which allowed the rule of God’s ways only over religious matters. Believers tended to separate their “Christian life” from the rest of their lives, and especially from their business lives, and the governing of their nations. The ruling of business, education, government, entertainment and most of the rest of life has been left to the ungodly secular minds of the world. For the most part, the infinite wisdom and ultimate spiritual power of God have been excluded from the governing of our current world.

The emerging emphasis of the kingdom of God is a new season. It is a season in which the church is reaching out beyond the church building walls; a season of spiritual wisdom and power becoming a major factor in all life. It is a season marked by the glory and grace of God, a season of both the love, and the wrath of God, a season of freedom and judgment, a season of peace and warfare; a season of captives being set free and evil kings being dethroned; a season for hidden mysteries to be revealed; and erroneous religious doctrines to be replaced with truth, a time of increased revelation and understanding of the Word of God.

It is time for the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord. The time for the true King to rule on Planet Earth. ANLA is a product of the changing season, be prepared to be changed in the new season of God.

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