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Ministry website of Apostle John Boney. The precious fruit of Apostolic Emmanuel Ministries International abounds in many nations of the world. The Lord Jesus is preparing these believers to be a vital part in the leadership of this ministry and his coming Kingdom.

The Radical Church

The more we talk with people about the impact of Bryn Jones’ ministry, the more we discover that everyone has a story, a moment, a memory - lives were affected through the ministry of Bryn. This website has been created, not for condolence, but to be a simple means to pass on the wealth of revelation left to us by this servant and apostle of Jesus Christ.

Lampstand Communication Kingdom of God Podcast
Gospel of the Kingdom podcast at Lampstand Communication Australia. Find the podcast subscribe buttons on each post for your particular device. You can also subscribe and have a podcast delivered to you inbox via email.

Lampstand Communication Kingdom of God Resource Store
The MP3 sermons and Apostolic messages found on this web site are recorded by Lampstand Communication at various international Apostolic Prophetic gatherings around the world with EMI, KMNI and WVCOM.

World Vision Outreach Crusade Ministries
Israel Onoriobe is the Founder and International Director of the World Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries, Declaring the Gospel of the Kingdom, unveiling the purposes of God and reaching the nations with it's international office in Port Elizabeth, South Africa also liaison offices in Nigeria and the United States of America.

Dr. Jonathan David
Dr. Jonathan David is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Centre Muar, a thriving apostolic church in Johor, Malaysia.

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New Wine Ministries International Australia
The Lord is continuing to grow this Ministry, with people whom He has called to be grafted in. He continues to expand the capacity of His people to flow with him, a ministry on the move, with a people on the move, because the Lord is on the move.

Living Way Ministries Australia
To train believers to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and help them to fulfil their destiny and purpose in God. We believe the local church plays a significant role in bringing God’s Will into being in the local community, as well as in our State and Nation, producing a flow on to the Nations.

John Eckhardt
This site to not only keep you up-to-date about our ministry and the IMPACT Network, but to also be a powerful resource for individuals, leaders, ministries and churches embracing what has become known as the New Apostolic Reformation.

Apostles Today
A place of promoting apostolic grace since it's inception in 2000. The Lord Jesus Christ established that some were to be apostles. An Apostle is a real person that is sent with grace and commissioning.

David Matthew

Christian Teacher & Writer: I’m based in the UK but enjoy contact through this site with visitors from many countries. It’s my pleasure to share with you some of my observations on Christian truth and experience.

Fact & Faith Publications: At Last! Publications that fully reconcile evolution and the Big Bang Universe, with belief in the Creator God. We live on an earth that is billions of years old, not just thousands.  Radically new insights into the controversy around the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools and Universities.

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